All You Need To Know

from by The Cardboard City

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And she doesn't really know her
And she might think that she's in love
When she folds her arms around her waist and
makes that hungry little sound
And she wakes up in the middle of a breath and can't
tell if her eyes are open or closed
She tests the smoothness and the strength
She stretches out and starts to glow
And finds her huddled in a corner
But that's just the dream that's already done
She's still here but she's long gone
And she says all she needs to know

While he pushes him down in the leaves
And lightly lifts him back to level
And kisses gently every tiny little hair
And counts out heartbeats in reverse
He finds him every side in sequence
And loses track of who he is
He wraps him up inside the rain-spattered morning
He reaches up to hold the air
They'll wait another stretch of slippery time
He'll write him letters from the sea
He'll follow nightly the trails that he left
He'll figure out what not to say

And you can watch them through the window
The fabric only blurs their shapes
You may ask them what they're so intent on
But don't expect to hear it clear
The story's poured fr-om a pool of molten glass
You can sink right in and be totally unborn
They'll hold you tightly down between them
Their breath is dirty with a florid haste
You can't distinguish who is who and who is you
And even two is just a joke
Push on the floor turn down the bed
Say anything that keeps you warm

We are the kind that hold the days down
We roll intently in the sun
We keep a finger on the overlapping corners
We are as many as you like
We are in thrall to a many-membered absence that is
shattering us exquisitely
We gather every little atom to our hearts
We press and knead and breathe into the dark
We are our own most delicious nightmares
We lay our bodies on the ground
We are becoming what we could never mean to be
We live the flash of smitten candor

And so you whisper in the shadows
And so you lie along the stream
And so with one leg leading on the other
You spin the night around your head
With thin abandon and a disciplined attraction you
cut a thousand pathways back into themselves
You ride in silence looking out the window
You brush between the sounds between the words
You roll the dirt between your fingers and your toes
You grab the grass to hold you down
You lay the argument in hand-tuned hues
You are the you you used to know


from Heavy Paper, released January 25, 2016




The Cardboard City Berlin, Germany

The Cardboard City are a Berlin group composed of Noel Bush, who writes and sings the songs and plays keyboard; Henrik Lafrenz, who plays the drums; Micha Bürgle on bass; and Niels Hoogendoorn on electric guitar (though he wasn't yet with the group when they recorded "Heavy Paper"). The group is working on a new album now, due out later in 2017. ... more

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