Clumsy Country Heat

from by The Cardboard City

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Since I was too young to walk for myself
I left the business up to someone else who was close to me
But here I'm shelving memories, and lo, there comes a car
with a man, says the land isn't mine anymore

I thwart him with my charging words and he recoils hard
In the yard the townspeople are gathering and noise
Someone raises energy suggesting toward the grave
for the man who will die for the profits he saved

They told him not that the Midwest holds an arm
with a finger in the charming nose of lots of secret senators
The congregation has ordained me as its latest member
I am sad, but I see that the corn looks good

Don't know why there's no sun in my broken morning coffee cup
The Lord is splayed across the states to where I've never been
So in time, so in time I'll be flatter than a blank-faced farce
The charity I have withdrawn has stunk me like a sore

There's ice on your tongue, maybe slip your toes into some salsa
Coal is easy found and not that hard to suck it up
Think of falling glass from a broken window on the moon
with a man tangled up in the boardroom down the hall

Don't think twice, have a look; listen for a flower blooming shut
I am wise, so I am, kick me through to baggage claim
Be a good one and arrest a quota of the finest sky
Love is easy to explain, to explain, to explain

Since I am too young to talk with authority
Since I am too old to have ever been a child
Since I am an interstate and oddly short and roundly wide
Send the gods to bless me when I'm two years old

Painted eyes and reflected in the shingles of a soundless roof
Let him in to stay but knock his knees off at the door
Styrofoam of ancient times enumerates the missing mind
Close the door to keep away the clumsy country heat

Crying now, hope is good, left alone to age and spoil
Get it while it's going, gotten, more for me and you too
Samples of a downer called tomorrow play on HBO
Love is easy to explain, burn your brain

Godly women of miscounted penalty for tired eyes
Relapse into sanctifying everything with school colors
Don't think twice, leave it up to me, my little poundcake
Yellow air can still the best from overactive blood

If I were a train or I was a mudslide on your face
I would not feel shame for my ill-begotten line of work
For in time, you should know that snow can burn as well as light
Light from Chicago, light from Ohio

Sentence comes in heavy drops off Empire State refineries
Deromanticizing dirt and wearing suede headgear
Thrown out floating on the ocean waving to the angelnauts
who remind me with a finger pointing at their feet

Keeps a-raining all the time, shake me up and go to hell again
Carpet suits you nicely like sunglasses on a sheep
Haven't thought of a shower in at least a half a day or more
Growing season's over now and I can go to sleep

Howard is the father's name of someone who was my best friend
when I was in second grade and thought I was from outer space
Once we buried jewelry in my backyard and we never found it
My neighbor's ear rings painfully alive


from Heavy Paper, released January 25, 2016




The Cardboard City Berlin, Germany

The Cardboard City are a Berlin group composed of Noel Bush, who writes and sings the songs and plays keyboard; Henrik Lafrenz, who plays the drums; Micha Bürgle on bass; and Niels Hoogendoorn on electric guitar (though he wasn't yet with the group when they recorded "Heavy Paper"). The group is working on a new album now, due out later in 2017. ... more

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