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little white boy
findin his fingers
reachin for the hem of a
robe of chains

brother robin hood
goin to the delta
pickin up the chords and the
voices and names

i'm on the road again
my daddy done you
wrong my friend

three black caskets
draped in flags
a thousand times more but it's
all the same

i'm mixed up with confusion
gonna pay my penance on a six string box
choir echoes in my head man
gotta get it down the way he talks
you could use some tunin up there
tighten your words and knit your brow
got an amplifier manager
if i make money i don't know how

got a call last
night from nashville
time to go down and
roll some heads

nursin home needs
shaking up now
get em on their knees and
knock em outta bed

don't say these was your words
i coulda starved
but you got heard

sweet talkin mama in a
shotgun sugar shack
i'm in the concert
seein red

ain't no time to be quibblin over the
name of an old train bum
i got a hundred thousand memories just like yours
in a file cabinet man your ride done come
now we got the radio, cast iron ballads,
blues that'll blow your WINDOWS out
i got no time for politics and i got
nothin to shout about

it's academic
interview bullshit
nobody hears what you
say anymore

purple poser pencil monkeys
bark on command
how come my fans are
such a bore?

i'm bringin down judgment day
got nothin new to say

fête me, love me
color me darkly
put me in a box and
drop it on the floor

sixty-two years
squintin in the moonlight
just got ill and
blowed them down

ninety-nine years
double it, triple it
forty-one counts
run me outta town

they heard it comin like rain
drunk fools don't
feel no pain

meanwhile sideways
shadow on the mountaintop
somethin's open'd up and i'm
lookin down

these shackles are strippin all the old white
flesh off my old white bones
somebody pulled a switcheroo, musta had
bugs in my phones
oh god whatever happened to that blind har
monica player who blew for dimes
he taught me everything he knowed, guess i
lost track of times....


from Heavy Paper, released January 25, 2016




The Cardboard City Berlin, Germany

The Cardboard City are a Berlin group composed of Noel Bush, who writes and sings the songs and plays keyboard; Henrik Lafrenz, who plays the drums; Micha Bürgle on bass; and Niels Hoogendoorn on electric guitar (though he wasn't yet with the group when they recorded "Heavy Paper"). The group is working on a new album now, due out later in 2017. ... more

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